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Photovoltaic panel mounting systems
Discover the perfect solution for the efficient and safe mounting of photovoltaic panels with the help of the high-quality mounting systems offered by Amari Romania.
Support rail profiles (aluminum)
Support rail profiles (aluminum)

Benefit from the advantages of aluminum support rail profiles for mounting photovoltaic panels: resistance to weather and environmental factors, compatibility with different types of panels, simple and quick installation, the possibility to optimize the efficiency of the solar system and ensure a durable structure for reliable performance in the production of renewable energy.

Choose aluminum support rail profiles for an efficient and reliable mounting solution.

Clamping accessories
Equip your photovoltaic panel system with high-performance fastening accessories (clamps, screws, nuts, bolts, etc.) – every detail counts! The advantages of using mounting accessories include: ensuring a firm and secure fixation of the panels, resistance to extreme weather conditions, adaptability to different types of roofs and surfaces, easy and quick installation, as well as maximizing the efficiency of your solar system. Invest in durable and efficient mounting accessories to get the best results with your PV system.
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