Round bars


Alloy round bar conf ENAW 6082 - AlSi1MgMn - 3.2315

ENAW aluminum alloy 6082 - AISi1MgMn is an alloy with a wide range of use. In this material are running a huge variety of industrial profiles (round bars, rectangular, drawn or extruded, profiles, plates, etc) profiles that match the most stringent quality requirements and European quality standards to ensure optimal performance permanent operation.


ENAW alloy 6082 has a wide range of uses. The advantages of universal alloy is outstanding especially when the finished products resulting from a process of ASHI, followed by surface treatment.

Areas of use

Anticorodal alloy is widespread in engineering and in welded construction. Corresponds perfectly to the development of components subjected to fluctuating demands, rotating parts, serving as the different motherboard parts. It can manufacture housings for hydraulic pumps and hydraulic systems parts.


Bars in 6082 ENAW perform well at cutting (although the resulting continuous chip spiral) can be anodized, both natural and color, and in terms of weldability is recommended MIG / TIG.

Good corrosion resistance in normal environment.

Alloy round bar for automatic ENAW 2007 - AlCu4PbMgMn - 3.1645

Through precise technology development with strict standards, to obtain an alloy that meets user requirements both in terms of quality and excellent material characteristics. Automatic alloys for maximum workability bears the imprint of aluminum and its alloys characterized components.

Due to excellent machinability characteristics cutting and mechanical characteristics to achieve a saving processing time by 40% (compared to a same size steel and mechanical)

Alloy with wide range of use

ENAW alloy 2007 (AICu4PbMgMn) has a wide range of applications especially where the basic condition is improved machinability by cutting and ability to treat superficial surfaces.

Surface Treatment

Finished parts can be treated lightly by anodizing (anodising) simple (hard anodizing, color anodizing - by special technology - limited application), also can grind and polish excellent.

Areas of use

This alloy has a wide range of uses, from simple pieces obtained by cutting complex parts with high capacity hydraulic lift. Due to good resistance to wear and can be used in construction equipment machinery (gears, shaft guidance, racks, rails, etc.). Systems in manufacturing pneumatic and hydraulic valves.

Rectangular bars ENAW 7075 - AlZn5.5MgCu - 3.4365

Higher alloy machinability, great to execute different parts of the aircraft, military or general industrial, parts which require high resistance or components subject to high loads.

Also other alloys can be supplied, including:

- ENAW 6060, 6061, 6063, 6012, 6262, 2011, 2017, 2024 - etc.


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